Police Report – Dog pepper-sprays woman, skating on thin ice

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment

Stuck in the boonies

Dec. 2 at 11 pm police received a phone call from a concerned Cache Creek parent about her 37 year old daughter and son in law who had gone to Kamloops earlier that day but had not returned when they said they would. Police were conducting patrols for the couple when the mother called to say her daughter had called to say that she and her husband had travelled a back road to Cache Creek when their vehicle became stuck. They were aided by a passing motorist who gave them a ride back to town.

Fit hits deer

Dec. 4 at 6:45 am police attended a single vehicle accident involving a Honda Fit and a deer on Hwy 1 west of the Walhachin turnoff. The 36 year old Kamloops woman said the deer jumped out in front of her. The car suffered severe damage, the deer disappeared.

Minivan in ditch

Dec. 5 at 9 am police attended a single vehicle accident on Hwy 1 by the Perry Feedlot where the driver of a 2002 Dodge Caravan lost control on icy road conditions and flipped upside down into the ditch. The driver, a 37 year old woman from 100 Mile House, was being cared for by ambulance attendants when police arrived. She was taken to the hospital for examination. The vehicle suffered severe damage and had to be towed.

Skating too dangerous

Dec. 6 at 1 pm police received a complaint of a group of people skating and having fun on Barnes and Willard lakes. The caller was worried that the ice was too thin for them to skate on and wanted police to remove them. Police attended and found several people sitting around a fire on the shore, enjoying their lunch. They advised that they had checked and found the ice to be six inches thick. Police would still like to remind people to check the safety of frozen ponds and lakes before the venture out onto it.

Bear sprayed by dog

Dec. 8 at 7 pm police received a report of a woman in distress in a vehicle on Hwy 1 near Ashcroft. The pickup was located by Venables Valley Rd. where a 26 year old woman was rubbing snow on her face and appeared in pain. She and a male drive reported that he had pulled over to replace a tire and a dog inside the vehicle accidentally activated a can of pepper spray. The woman was taken to RIH for treatment. The 58 year old man and the dog appeared fine. All were from Savona.