Police Report – dogs, parties and more hunters

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Garbage day

Oct. 15 at 8:45 am police received a complaint from a 63 year old Ashcroft man who stated that a garbage bag had been opened in front of his residence the previous weekend, and he suspected that his neighbour had done it. There was no evidence that a person was responsible for the incident, and police thought an animal was more likely responsible.

Travelling salesman

Oct. 15 at 3:50 pm police received an inquiry from an Ashcroft woman about the authenticity of a door to door salesman who had tried to sell her mother a wearable medical alarm. She was told that she it was up to her to call the company and check to see if they were legitimate. Police received no other complaints about the salesman.

Dog kills dog

Oct. 15 at 5 pm police received several complaints about a dog in the YD Ranch area that had killed a neighbour’s small dog in the neighbour’s own yard. Police were told that the malamute-cross had jumped the six-foot fence before and was thought to have killed backyard chickens. The owner, a 42 year old woman, would not give consent to have the dog seized and euthanized. RCMP have contacted the TNRD to find out what authority, if any, they have to act on domestic dogs. Earlier this year, the TNRD passed a dangerous dog bylaw, but it will not go into effect until Jan. 1. At that time, the TNRD will engage the services of an animal control officer in Area I, who will be responsible for dealing with dog complaints in areas outside of municipalities.

On Oct. 19 at 5:40 pm, the large dog’s owner called to report that her neighbour was standing on his front porch with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Police spoke to the 51 year old man who said he was standing there because he noticed the dog was outside in the yard again and he was worried about the safety of his chickens and other pets. He said the rifle was not loaded and never left his shoulder. The dog’s owner confirmed that it was never pointed at her or the dog. She was advised that he would be within his rights to shoot the dog if it came into his yard and threatened his animals.

Cruising along

Oct. 17 at 2:30 pm a patrolling officer on Hwy 1 by the Ashcroft Manor noticed a Toyota Camry zipping along at 156 kph in the 100 kph zone. The 20 year old Surrey driver was stopped and issued tickets for excessive speed and for failing to display her novice “N”. Her mother’s car was impounded for seven days and she and her passenger were given a ride to the Greyhound Bus station.

Consensual fight

Oct. 18 at 3:25 am Husky staff called to report that a fight had just occurred between two local men in the store. One of the men was located later in the day. The 41 year old man said the other male accused him of trying to steal his girlfriend and there was some pushing and shoving involved. Police determined that the fight was consensual and no charges were laid.

Residential B&E

Oct. 18 at 8 pm police received a report from a 53 year old Cache Creek woman who said her house on Old Cariboo Rd. had been broken into while she was away. She returned home to find out that a safe containing cash and documents, jewelry and a Canon SD 1000 camera were missing – over $10,000 worth of item. Forensic identification services were called in to inspect the area and a person of interest has been identified. Anyone with information about the matter – perhaps hearing of someone with an unusual amount of cash, sudden appearance of jewelry or the camera – is asked to contact the RCMP at 453-2216. The matter is still under investigation.

House party

Oct. 18 at 8:20 pm police received a report from an anonymous caller asking for an ambulance on the Ashcroft Reserve. Police located a 54 year old man laying on the floor inside a residence with a bloody nose. He and several other men in the house were very intoxicated. A 60 year old woman advised police that several men, including the victim, entered the house earlier in the day, drinking and having a good time. It wasn’t clear how the bloody nose occurred. Two men in the house were arrested for causing a disturbance and one was wanted on an outstanding warrant for mischief. The 26 year old Ashcroft man led police on a foot chase before being apprehended. He and a 31 year old Ashcroft man were held overnight in cells and released when sober.

Hunters on the tracks

Oct. 19 at 11:20 am police were called to assist CP Rail with four hunters and their dogs who were on the tracks about 2 km west of the Mesa Vista Trailer Park. The train stopped after hitting one of the dogs and was parked to avoid the risk of hitting the hunters whom they had lost sight of. There was no road access into where the train was, and the officer approached it on foot. There was no sign of the hunters, or of the dog, and the train was allowed to continue.

Menacing man

Oct. 21 at 8:48 pm police received a complaint from Oasis pub staff about two male patrons in the smoking section behind the building. She told police she saw them tossing around one of the tables and  asked them to leave. They complied but when she told them to leave the beer behind, one of the men became threatening. Both eventually left in a black truck. One 30 year old Ashcroft man has been identified. Police are reviewing surveillance video to determine whether criminal charges should be laid.

Crosswalk complaints

Police have received several complaints from pedestrians trying to use the crosswalk between the OK Stop and the bridge because traffic won’t stop for them. Police will be increasing their enforcement of the crosswalk. They encourage drivers to be vigilant and to stop for pedestrians who are either waiting to cross or who are already in the crosswalk. Pedestrians are reminded not to step in front of traffic until they are sure they are going to stop, and to try and make eye contact with drivers.

Halloween safety

Police are asking parents to keep their children safe by taking the following precautions. Have children walk in pairs, preferably with an adult. Children should carry a flashlight or wear something reflective on their costumes. Walk facing traffic unless on a sidewalk, and don’t zig zag across the street. Make sure the costume does not impede the child’s vision, and all candy should be inspected by a parent or guardian before letting children eat it.