Police Report – extra crispy croutons, mistaken identity

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft Detachment of the RCMP.

Walhachin man found deceased

Jan. 28 at 11:05 am police were asked to attend a Walhachin residence to check on a 53 year old man who had not been seen in two weeks and had failed to show up for work. Police located the man deceased inside his residence. No foul play is suspected and the matter was turned over to the Coroner’s office.

Accident on slippery roads

Jan. 29 at 11:15 am police were called to a single vehicle accident on Hwy 1 near Juniper Beach when a 2007 Ford Ranger left the road, sustaining major damage. The driver, a 62 year old Walhachin man, and a 74 year old female passenger were transported to the hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries. Road conditions at the time were icy.


Jan. 29 at 5:38 pm police were called to assist the Ashcroft Fire Dept. who were responding to a report of smoke at the Central Cafe on Railway Ave. A quick investigation revealed that the smoke had been caused by croutons left toasting in the oven for too long. There were no injuries.

Washing machine woes

Jan. 30 at 7:05 am police received a complaint from a 38 year old Ashcroft woman who reported that she was being constantly harrassed by a 42 year old Ashcroft woman because the washing machine she sold her stopped working. The woman said the machine was working when she sold it, but the older woman loaded it on its side when she took it away, and she thought that might have damaged the drum. Police spoke to the older woman and advised her to stop calling the complainant. She said she would be taking the matter to court.

One car, two car, red car, blue car

Jan. 30 at 4:29 pm a 52 year old Ashcroft man called to report that he had located his stolen 1988 blue Dodge Ram pickup parked just off Hwy 97C and Hwy 1, and it had brand new tires on it. Police attended but could not find any vehicle matching his description. The complainant showed up and pointed to a green Chevrolet. With no tires. And disagreed with officers who told him that it did not match the description of his  missing truck. He produced insurance papers to prove them wrong, but the VIN on the papers was different than the one on the truck. He agreed that it wasn’t his and apologized for the fuss.

Pains all around

Feb. 1 at 5:17 pm police received a complaint about an intoxicated woman at the Greyhound Bus Depot in Cache Creek who was causing a disturbance by yelling, being belligerant to passers by and claiming that she had internal bleeding. Police located the 44 year old Horsefly woman, grossly intoxicated and staggering around the area after having been kicked off the bus earlier in the day for being intoxicated. She told police that she was fine and was looking for a ride to Vancouver to visit an ailing grandson. She was arrested for being drunk in a public place and placed in cells. A short while later she began complaining again about not feeling well and was released to the hospital.

They looked familiar

Feb. 1 at 7:23 pm a 21 year old Ashcroft woman reported that two white pickups were racing at a high rate of speed down Hwy 1 from Cache Creek to Ashcroft. She didn’t get a license plate number but suspected the drivers were a 20 year old Cache Creek man and a 22 year old Ashcroft man because they both drove white pickup trucks. Police spoke to both men who denied any such incident.

Misdirected rescue

Feb. 3 at 2:30 pm a 48 year old Cache Creek woman called to complain about an unknown woman who had come to her residence for the second time, claiming to be from an animal rescue society. On Jan. 1, the unknown woman entered the backyard and lengthened the dog’s chain and left it some toys. The owner said the dog tried jumping over the fence and she rescued it as it was hanging there. The second time, the rescue woman wanted them to surrender the dog and entered the yard again to pet it. The complainant was told that no one has a right to be on her property without a court order.