Police Report – goats and rattlesnakes disturb the public peace

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Rattlesnake scare

Aug. 12 Ashcroft RCMP were asked to check on a 68 year old man from the Cache Creek area after his dog was found running loose with its leash attached. The caller was concerned that his friend might be in need of medical assistance. The dog’s owner could not be located, but the friend called hours later to say he had been in contact with the man who said the dog had been frightened by a rattlesnake and ran away. Dog and owner were reunited.

Motorcycle accident

Aug. 12 at 1:30 pm police were advised of a single vehicle accident  on Hwy 97 in Cache Creek after a 65 year old motocyclist lost control of his vehicle on the bridge at the north end of town and hit a part of the abutment. Police were contacted again soon afterwards to advise that their attendance was not needed.

Suspected drug deals

Aug. 13 at 10:45 am police received a call from a concerned citizen about increased traffic on Collins Rd. in Cache Creek near the cul de sac. The complainant suspected that there were drug sales occurring. Police patrolled the area and did not see anything unusual.

Sex in a jeep

Aug. 13 at 4:20 pm police received a complaint of one man and two women having sex in a jeep that was parked off the highway at Venables Valley Rd. and Hwy 1. No license plate number was obtained. Police patrolled the area but the vehicle was not located.

Local man wanted

Aug. 15 Ashcroft RCMP were advised by Kamloops RCMP that Leslie Porter, born May 24, 1982, is wanted for failing to comply with court-imposed conditions. Porter is known to frequent the Ashcroft area. He is asked to contact RCMP.

Domestic goat spotted

Aug. 15 at 1:15 pm police received a report of a domestic goat with a red leash attached grazing along Evans Rd. in Ashcroft across from the Bonaparte River. Police located the animal but it evaded capture. The owner is advised that it was last seen in that area.

Drunk and fixated

Aug. 18 at 7:20 pm police were called to a residence on the Ashcroft Reserve and observed an intoxicated man damaging property inside the residence. He was arrested and taken to a family member’s house to sober up. However, he left the house soon after police left and returned to the initial house where he and his mother lived. Police returned and arrested the 24 year old man. He was lodged in cells overnight until sober.

Rather sleep in a cell

Aug. 19 at 12:45 am police were called to the Chevron in Cache Creek where an intoxicated man had passed out on the floor of the store. He admitted having one too many and said he was staying at the Sage Hills Motel two doors away. Police escorted the 43 year old Pavilion man to the motel and left him there.

Until they were called back at 1:30 am upon receiving a complaint about an intoxicated male disturbing other patrons and trashing a room. The same man was arrested and lodged in cells overnight until sober.