Police Report – gun amnesty about to run out

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Knock down party

June 21 at 1:20 am police were called to a domestic assault on the Ashcroft Reserve after a 56 year old man punched his 43 year old common law wife in the face and knocked her to the ground where she lost consciousness. She was taken to Kamloops hospital for treatment and required stitches over her eye. The man was arrested at the residence and is facing an ssault causing bodily harm charge. There were several people in the residence at the time and all had been drinking.

Neighbours need distance

June 21 at noon a 41 year old Ashcroft man attended the Detachment to file a complaint about his 48 year old neighbour who, he said, was trespassing on his property. The neighbour was pulling weeds along the property line between the two houses when the complainant’s wife went outside. She and the neighbour exchanged heated words and she accused him of being on their property. The neighbour admitted to police that he may have had one foot on their side of the property line as he pulled his weeds. They were all advised that it was not a police matter.

Suspicious activity

June 21 at 2:30 pm a 30 year old Cache Creek man called to complain about a suspicious male lurking near his truck. When he told the subject to get off his property, the subject told him that he was just picking up the hubcap that had rolled off of his vehicle. The complainant was advised that it wasn’t really a police matter.

Male visitors not allowed

June 21 at 2:30 pm a 66 year old Cache Creek man called to complain about a female tenant that he’d rented a house to. He said that he’d rented it to her on the condition that she not have any men over, but she was not abiding by that rule and he wanted police to remove her. He was advised that once he rents a property, it is up to the tenant who has access.

Speed leads to accident

June 21 at 3:30 police attended a single vehicle crash on Hwy 1 15 km east of Cache Creek after a 1994 Honda Civic lost control while passing another vehicle and hit the ditch. Both driver and passenger were shaken up but not injured The 22 year old Ashcroft woman was given a ticket for speeding based on numerous witness accounts who estimated her speed at around 130 kph.

Hit a nerve

June 22 at 2 pm RCMP received a request from a 59 year old Ashcroft man for assistance in removing his 23 year old son from his residence after an argument between the two. The son normally resided at his ex-wife’s house in Ashcroft, but was visiting. However, he was constantly playing video games and cursing at the characters. The father was worried that he was going to become violent. The mother, 46, said she had no problems with her son. His father became upset when he mentioned the older man’s infidelity that led to his parent’s divorce.

Those dirty rats

June 22 at 4:50 pm police received a complaint of a possible impaired driver in an Ashcroft apartments parking lot after the man’s Chev pickup hit a parked Chevrolet Tracker while trying to park. The 52 year old Aldergrove man Failed a roadside sobriety test and was given a 90 day driving prohibition. His truck was impounded for 30 days.

Police returned to the apartment building at 9:45 pm for a disturbance, caused by the same man, who was making comments and threats about “bringing someone up from Vancouver” to deal with the “rats” who called the police. Officers attended but the man had cooled down.

Party hardy

June 22 at 11:45 pm police were called to the Ashcroft Reserve for a loud party. Officers observed that all of the windows and doors to the residence were open and the music was loud. There was a small fire burning in the backyard and a number of people enjoying the party. They were very co-operative and turned down the volumn.

At 2:20 am police returned to the residence after a disagreement led to blows. The 40 year old owner had been punched in the face by a 32 year old Ashcroft man, who then fled the scene. The man was taken to the Ashcroft hospital where he required stitches. The other man was not located but is facing an assault charge.

Hungry Herbies B&E

June 25 at 3:41 am police were notified of a break and enter at Hungry Herbies in Cache Creek by a courier who was dropping a shipment at the restaurant and noticed the damage. The thief stole a substantial amount of cash, damaging the back door and the office. Items have been seized for forensic examination, but there are no suspects at this time. Anyone with any information or witnessing anything suspicous around the restaurant between 11 pm June 24 and 3:30 am June 25 are asked to call the RCMP at 453-2216 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Gun Amnesty

RCMP would like to remind the public that Gun Amnesty continues only until the end of June. Anyone with unwanted firearms that are unregistered or restricted may contact the Ashcroft Detachment at 250-453-2216. Officers will retrieve the unwanted weapons from the owners’ homes. Please do not bring them to the Detachment.

Registered weapons may be turned in to police at any time. All weapons surrendered will be destroyed.

Bicycle survey

RCMP are issuing a simple bike survey to children to help them gauge the level of bike knowledge and safety among local riders. The simple survey asks about helmet use and rules of the road and will help police educate riders on these issues. The survey is available at the schools, at the Detachment and at the RCMP kiosk at the Wellness Festival in July.