Ashcroft’s newest member

Ashcroft’s newest member

Police Report – Hard feelings and wandering animals

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment

Overreaction by dad

June 26 at 1:15 pm police received a call from a 49 year old Ashcroft man who reported that his 23 year old son had assaulted an unknown elderly male in the parking lot of the Ashcroft Post Office. The 60 year old Ashcroft “victim” was located and advised police that it was a non-event and that no assault had taken place.

Low battery warning

June 27 at 8 am BC Ambulance attendants requested police assistance with a 25 year old Walhachin man who was not responding to them as carbon monoxide detector alarms were going off inside the house. They were concerned that there might be a gas leak. They also called Savona Fire Rescue. As it turned out, the detector was ringing because the battery was low and all the diabetic man required was a peanut butter sandwich to get him back on his feet

Dog taxi

June 27 at 9:30 am an officer on patrol noticed a dog on the highway while driving through the bluffs on Hwy 97C. It was quickly joined by a second dog and the pair were in danger of being hit by passing traffic. The officer pulled over near the dogs, opened the door, and in they both jumped. They were left with the bylaw control officer in Cache Creek. Soon after that, police received a call from a frantic dog owner in Boston Flats wondering if anyone had reported her dogs, who had gotten loose. She was  told to phone the Cache Creek Village Office.

Telephone harassment

June 27 at 9:30 am a 52 year old Cache Creek man called to report that a former employee was calling him and former co-workers to complain about having his job terminated a month ago, while making vague threats about taking them to court. The 43 year old Savona man was spoken to and promised not to call them anymore.

Unwanted attention

June 27 at 7:45 pm a 30 year old Cache Creek man called to complain about a suspicious female with an unleashed dog who had approached him while he was fishing under the Ashcroft bridge. The 52 year old woman and her dog walked past the man, but her dog decided to sniff the man’s dog. The dog’s owner also greeted the man. He was advised that if he was upset about dogs off leash, he should contact the Village Office. Ten minutes later, the woman called the Detachment to report that a man under the bridge had gone “ballistic and threatened to get a lawyer” because her dog was not leashed. She was just reporting it for information.

On the road again

June 28 at 11:30 am police received a report of mountain goats all over Hwy 1 by the Mushroom Compost facility. The 53 year old Monte Creek man said he saw 20-30. Police attended but the goats, which were probably members of the bighorn sheep herd in the area, were not located.

Neighbours can’t get along

June 28 at 7:30 pm a 62 year old Ashcroft man was weed-whacking in his yard when his neighbour approached him, screaming that debris from the weed-whacker had hit his wife. The 48 year old neighbour pushed the 62 year old, and his 64 year old wife punched him in the throat.  Both parties separated and the 62 year old phoned the police. The neighbours were both arrested for assault, but advised that the other man purposely aims his weed-whacker to hit them with flying debris.

Hit and Run

June 30 at 8:22 am a 43 year old Clinton woman called to report a hit and run in the parking lot of the Royal Bank in Cache Creek. She gave police the license number of the white van that hit her Jeep Liberty, causing minor damage. The Registered Owner of the van is an 81 year old Cache Creek man.


June 30 at 9:30 am police were called to attend a single vehicle crash after a small red car crashed and rolled into a ditch on Hwy 97 near the Loon Lake turnoff. The three young women in the car were all uninjured, and it was determined that the crash had taken place in Clinton’s jurisdiction.

Cleaning house

June 30 at 7:40 pm police attended a residence on the Ashcroft Reserve to remove two unwanted and intoxicated men from the house, at the request of a 54 year old woman. The woman’s husband, 62, and stepson, 23, agreed to find alternate accommodations for the night.