Police Report – hazardous waste spill and bad drivers

From the weekly crime blotter of the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Disturbance at Safety Mart

Nov. 13 at 11 am police attended the Safety Mart in Ashcroft after receiving a complaint of a man causing a disturbance with his own complaint about service. The 51 year old Ashcroft man was co-operative with police. He agreed to leave and to apologize to the manager.

Family dispute

Nov. 13 at 8:30 pm police attended a residence on the Ashcroft Reserve after a report of a loud verbal dispute among family members. Once the individuals involved calmed down, they were co-operative and agreed to separate for the rest of the night. Alcohol was a factor.

Flatbed stolen

Nov. 14 a Cache Creek man reported the theft of his large two-axel flatbed trailer from a parking area at the Sage ‘n Sands trailer court. Investigation revealed that it had been stolen the evening of Nov. 12 around 1 am when witnesses saw two men in a gray extended-cab pickup truck hitching up the trailer and driving away, heading north on Hwy 1. The trailer is a red  1995 Trailtech with BC plates 642 43V. The matter is still under investigation.

Early morning speed

Nov. 14 at 7:30 am a Traffic Services officer stopped a speeding Landrover on Hwy 1 east of Cache Creek. The 2000 Range Rover, driven by a 53 year old Vernon man, was travelling at 148 kph in the 100 kph zone. The driver was given a ticket for excessive speed and the vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Hazardous waste spilled

Nov. 15 around 3:30 am police attended a transport truck rollover on Hwy 1 east of Cache Creek, this side of Juniper Beach Provincial Park. The truck went off road right and rolled down the embankment several times, spilling its load of soda ash. The driver, a 26 year old Surrey man, was not injured, but his passenger was transported to Kamloops hospital with a possible broken arm. The caustic ash was deemed to be not a danger to motorists but the attending officer noticed a chlorine smell, possibly produced by other hazardous material in the truck. A 100-metre perimeter was maintained around the truck until the spill was cleaned up. The truck was owned by Plett Trucking of Langley who sent its own crew to clean up the spill. There was no reason given for the cause of the accident. The matter is still under investigation.

Two rifles stolen

Nov. 15 a 55 year old Ashcroft man reported that two firearms had been stolen from his residence – a 30/30 Winchester and a Russian rifle in a black carrying case. It is possible that the thier gained access to the residence through a livingroom window. The matter is still under investigation.

60 over the speed limit

Nov. 16 at 3:30 pm Traffic Services stopped a 2013 Pontiac Pursuit travelling at a high rate of speed on Hwy 99 near the Marble Canyon Rd. The vehicle was doing 141 kph in the 80 kph zone. The driver, a 26 year old Cache Creek woman, was given a ticket for excessive speed, another for failing to display her N, and the vehicle, which was not hers, was impounded for seven days.

Starting off on the wrong foot

Nov. 17 around 2 am a Traffic Services officer on patrol stopped a Volkswagen Golf on Hwy 1 east of Cache Creek for speeding. The Golf was travelling at 151 kph in the 100 zone. The officer also seized four grams of marijuana from the driver, a 27 year old Kamloops man, and noted the odour of alcohol on the man’s breath and was given a roadside sobriety test, which he Failed. He was flagged by ICBC to be served with a four month driving prohibition, which he was given immediately. In addition, he received tickets for excessive speed, for driving without displaying his N, for driving contrary to the conditions of his license with three non-family member passengers in his car. And the car, which did not belong to him, was impounded for seven days. His passengers were transported back to Cache Creek.

Impaired driving

Nov. 18 just after lunch, a Traffic Service officer stopped a speeding 1994 Pontiac Sunbird eastbound on Hwy 99 near Pavilion Lake. The driver initially refused to stop. He was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle and taken back to the Detachment where he provided samples for a Breathalyzer Test which were more than twice the legal limit. The 32 year old Lillooet man was given a 90 day driving prohibition and charged with impaired driving and driving with blood alcohol over .08.

When push comes to shove

Nov. 18 at 3:30 pm police attended a family disturbance in Cache Creek after a verbal argument had escalated to push and shove. Police determined that the fight between the two women, one 30 years old and the other 52 years old, was consensual. There were no injuries and no charges.

Driving without insurance

Nov. 19 at 10:50 police stopped a black jeep near the highway junction in Cache Creek. The vehicle’s expired plates were seized and the vehicle was towed. The driver, a 52 year old Ashcroft man, was given a violation ticket for driving an uninsured vehicle.