Police Report – Identity fraud, tractor stolen

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment

Dog attacked

March 12 RCMP received a complaint from a Cache Creek resident who said that their dog had been attacked by a neighbour who targetted an existing injury. The owner said they were reporting it just for information at this time.

Driver tired, not drunk

March 13 at 5 am police were tipped off to a suspected impaired driver on Hwy 1 in Cache Creek. Police located the driver at the Husky, having a coffee. The 67 year old Ashcroft woman was completely sober but feeling the effects of having been awake all night combined with a medical condition. The woman was told to wait until she felt better before driving any further.

Tractor stolen

March 13 police received a report of a stolen tractor, missing from a property on Back Valley Rd. It is believed that the theft took place some time between March 2-13. Missing is a 1991 Maxxun 5120 cab tractor with a front end loader attached. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call police at 453-2216.

Car abandoned in town

March 13 police received a complaint that a 1992 Honda Accord had been parked on Mclean Cres. in Cache Creek for over a month. The car was legally parked but impeding the flow of traffic on the narrow road.. Police were called again on the 18th after someone removed the license plates on the car, causing the car to be uninsured on a public road. The Cache Creek owner was contacted and said the car had broken down. The vehicle was towed at the owner’s expense.

$560 phone bill

March 15 police were contacted by a local resident who had received a $560 bill from Telus for a cell phone they did not have. RCMP determined that an unknown person had opened up an account in their name. When the bills sent to the person with the cellphone went unpaid, Telus sent the bill to the person who’s name was used for the account. Police were unable to get any information from Telus about who opened the account.

Fence damaged

March 15 police received a complaint of mischief at a residence on Brink Lane in Ashcroft where it appeared that a vehicle had backed into the fence, causing some damage and knocking the gate off its hinges. The incident is suspected to have happened sometime March 14-15. Anyone with any information is asked to phone the RCMP at 453–2216.

Uninsured pickup towed

March 17 at 7:40 am  police observed a GMC pickup parked on Railway Ave. in Ashcroft, with something obscuring the validation tag on the rear license plate. The vehicle identification number (VIN) was also unreadable, but it was just covered with dust. Papers inside the unlocked truck showed that insurance had run out. The truck was towed for being uninsured on a public street and the Registered Owner in Clinton was contacted and informed of the whereabouts of his truck.