Police Report – missing dog, adult tantrums

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

  • May. 6, 2015 12:00 p.m.

Boating accident

April 20 at 7:30 pm police received a report of mischief from a 49 year old woman at Barnes Lake. She said she accidentally rode her kayak over a fisherman’s line, which led to a heated exchange of words. She suspected that it was he who slashed the tires on her vehicle on his way out of the park. The matter is still under investigation.

Beamer on the move

April 28 at 4 pm police received a report of an erratic driver in a blue BMW on Hwy 1 near Savona. The complainant said the car was travelling at approximately 160 kph and passing on double solid lines. The vehicle was located on Hwy 1 near Cache Creek and the driver, a 61 year old Ashcroft man, admitted to speeding for which he was issued a ticket.

Disturbing customers

April 28 at 8:45 pm police received a complaint from the Heartland Restaurant that an intoxicated man was causing a disturbance in the parking lot, approaching customers and nearly getting hit by a car exiting the parking lot. The 29 year old Prince George man was located near the Chevron. He was in possession of a can of beer and a small amount of marijuana. It was determined that he was on probation with conditions to stay away from alcohol. He was arrested and charged with breaching his probation.

Missing great dane

An Ashcroft man reported that his dog had gone missing while he was out walking it. He told police that he just assumed the great dane cross was behind him, but discovered she was nowhere in sight when he got home. The owners have posted a reward. If you’ve seen Toffee, please call 453-9476 or 453-9477.

Backyard theft

April 29 at 6:30 am police received a report of theft from the backyard of a residence on Sunvalley Cres. in Cache Creek. The man reported that a rock tumbler and polisher, valued at $300, was missing and suspected it was stolen and that a vehicle parked at the Castle Inn was involved. The complainant also thought the vehicle was stolen. Police checked the vehicle which was not stolen, and the rock tumbler was nowhere in sight. The matter is still under investigation.

Abandoned vehicle

April 29 at 1:30 pm police received a report of an abandoned Dodge Caravan parked at the side of the road across from Hillside Apts. on Government St. The caller said it had been there for two weeks. Police checked the plates, which were valid and contacted the Registered Owner in Logan Lake. The owner advised that the vehicle had broken down and he was waiting for parts to arrive so he could fix it. The vehicle has since been moved.

Wore out his welcome

April 30 at 2 pm police attended the Greyhound Station in Cache Creek after an intoxicated 49 year old Prince George man had been kicked off the bus. The man was located near the bus station with a partial bottle of vodka. He was arrested and lodged overnight in cells.

May 4 at 2 pm police attended Boston Flats after a complaint about the same man, still intoxicated. As he was breaching conditions of his probation by consuming alcohol again, he was arrested and charged with failing to comply with conditions of his probation. After he sobered up, he was escorted back to the bus station to finish his trip to Prince George.

Throwing rocks

May 2 at 2:40 am police were notified by CP police that someone was throwing rocks at a passing train and managed to break a window in one of the engines. Police patrolled the area where the tracks cross Hwy 97C but no one was located.

Unruly son

May 2 at 7:15 pm police were called to a Cache Creek residence by a woman who reported that her 54 year old son was being verbally abusive and throwing things around. He was gone before police arrive, leaving in his mother’s car. Patrols were made but he was not located. The mother was satisfied that her son would cool down before returning home.

Sudden death

May 4 at 8 am police were called to a Cache Creek residence to investigate the sudden death of a 72 year old man, who was found deceased in his bed by his wife. It appears that he died of natural causes.

Long haul

May 4 at noon police attended ASC Automotive after being notified that a vehicle owner was insisting on driving away in his vehicle after it had been taken off the road by police and ordered to have a safety inspection. The man was gone before police arrived. They learned later that the man had made arrangement to have it towed to Prince George. There were no charges.

Domestic assault

May 4 at 11:20 pm police attended the Castle Inn in response to a report of domestic assault. The 45 year old man was gone before police arrived, and the 45 year old woman was being assisted by the manager. She had minor injuries and was treated by paramedics. The man is still at large and is wanted for arrest on the charge of assault. Alcohol was a factor.