Police Report – several accidents, hunters close to town

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Drugs seized

Nov. 4 at 4:30 pm police were asked to check on a lone female acting suspiciously in the Barnes St. area by the railroad tracks. The 31 year old Ashcroft woman was located downtown, still behaving oddly, but not commiting any criminal offenses.

On Nov. 6, the same woman was arrested for assault and uttering threats against another. She was taken into custody and a fair amount of illicit drugs were seized. She was charged with assault and uttering threats and possession of a controlled substance. She was escorted to Kamloops for mental health assessment.

Following too close

Nov. 4 at 6 pm police were called to a two-vehicle collision on Hwy 97 just south of the Loon Lake Road turnoff after a pickup truck stopped for a deer on the road and was struck from behind by an SUV. The driver of the pickup truck, a 17 year old Ashcroft woman, was treated at the scene for a wrist injury. The driver of the SUV, a 37 year old man from 100 Mile House, was transported to the hospital with potential chest injuries. His vehicle suffered major front end damage and had to be towed. No charges were laid. The deer escaped, seemingly uninjured.

Late night visitors

Nov. 5 at 1:15 am police were called to a residence on Barnes St. after the owner reported that several young men were pounding on her front door. She said she suspected they were after her son. Police attended but the group had departed. There was no damage, no injuries, and no further reports.

Short notice

Nov. 5 Langley RCMP asked the Ashcroft Detachment to check on the wellbeing of a 66 year old Cache Creek man after his Langley employer reported that he hadn’t shown up for work in three days. The man was located safe and sound a few days later at his home in Cache Creek. He said he’d found a new job with an Alberta company and was working for them.

Hunters too close

Nov. 6 at noon police received a complaint from a resident on Old Cariboo Rd. in Cache Creek that hunters were discharging their firearms too close to the residences. The resident confronted the hunters, who said they were outside the Village boundaries and they thought that was good enough.

RCMP remind hunters that they need to stay 100 metres away from any house or building even if it is outside the municipal limits. The distance from major highways is 400 metres in general, but hunters are advised to check the current provincial hunting guide for specific road distances.

Parked car broken into

Nov. 6 at 1:20 pm a 20 year old Kamloops woman reported that her gray 2000 Civic Accord was broken into while it was parked on the shoulder of Hwy 97 by the Loon Lake turnoff. Some time between Nov. 2-5 the back window had been smashed and a child’s booster seat was removed. There were also several new dents on the side of the car.

Truck fire assistance

Nov. 6 at 1 pm Ashcroft was asked to assist Kamloops Rural RCMP with a truck on fire on Hwy 1 east of Savona. The truck was hauling ammonium nitrate to Gibralter Mine near Williams Lake when it caught fire. The driver was able to unhook the trailer from the cab and to drive the cab a safe distance away. The cab was destroyed by fire but the driver was not injured. The residents of Tobiano Golf Resort were evacuated and the highway was closed until 8 pm.

Caravan hits the ditch

Nov. 6 at 1:50 pm police attended a single vehicle accident on Hwy 97C near Elm St. in Ashcroft after a Dodge Caravan went off the road and into the ditch as it travelled down the hill into town, clipping a telephone pole before it stopped. The driver and sole occupant was slipping in and out of consciousness and bleeding from her left hand. It appeared that the 69 year old Ashcroft woman had lost consciousness prior to the accident. She was transported to Ashcroft hospital by ambulance. The matter is still under investigation. Telus was advised of the damage to their pole, and her vehicle was towed.

Dangerous cooking utensils

Nov. 6 at 7:10 pm police were called to assist BC Ambulance staff with a 55 year old Ashcroft man who was intoxicated and behaving aggressively towards attendants, but who was also bleeding from a serious cut to a finger that happened while he was cooking. He was treated by attendants at the scene but refused to go to the hospital. He agreed to go the following day to have it looked at.

Prohibited driver

Nov. 7 at 10 am a Traffic Service officer stopped a speeding pickup truck on Hwy 97C west of Ashcroft. The driver, a 49 year old Cache Creek man, turned out to be a prohibited driver. He was arrested for driving while prohibited and his truck was towed.

Suitcases, meds stolen from car

Nov. 7 at noon a 59 year old Cache Creek woman reported that several items had been stolen from her car which was unlocked and parked at the Ponderosa Apts. on Collins Rd. She had packed the car for travel the night before. Taken were prescription medications, two suitcases and a radio. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call the police at 453-2216.

Watch for pedestrians

Nov. 7 at 1:30 pm police received a complaint of an erratic driver by the Chevron, swerving all over the road and nearly hitting the complainant. The vehicle was located and the driver, a 51 year old Kamloops man, said he was backing out of his parking spot at the Chevron when he realized there was a pedestrian behind him.

Joints seized

Nov. 8 at 9 pm while conducting a road check on Hwy 97 at Hwy 99, Traffic Service officers stopped a pickup truck, detecting the odour of fresh marijuana inside the vehicle. The two occupants were arrested and the vehicle was searched. Two marijuana joints and other paraphernalia were found and seized. Neither occupant appeared to be impaired and both the 26 year old Cache Creek driver and her 28 year old Lillooet male passenger were released at the scene.