Police Report – shots fired, P.O. prisoner, cow/motorcycle collision

From the weekly crime files of the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment

Shotgun fired in town

Aug. 16 police received a report of a careless use of a firearm in an incident occurring around 10:30 pm the night before in Cache Creek at the upper end of Stage Rd. Cache Creek Councillor Darrell Rawcliffe, a nearby resident, reported it to police the next morning and also noted at the Aug. 20 Council meeting that the noise woke up he and his wife, as well as many of their neighbours. He said one of his neighbours soon afterwards saw a man drive by on his ATV with a shotgun strapped to it. Police located an empty 12 gauge shotgun shell in the open fields at the end of the road about 200 yards from the nearest residence. The officer told the complainant to call the police right away if it happened again.

Car stolen from Reserve

Aug. 17 police were notified that a 1992 Acura red two-door sedan had been stolen from a residence on the Bonaparte Reserve. The 42 year old male owner said the vehicle, which had no plates but was in good working order, had gone missing some time during the previous week.

Parking lot collision

Aug. 18 at 12:48 pm police attended a two-vehicle collision in the parking lot of the PetroCan in Cache Creek after a 2004 Sienna minivan backed into a Dodge camper hauling a boat as it was driving through the lot. The boat’s propeller contacted with the minivan, causing extensive damage to the rear passenger side of the vehicle. The minivan was being driven by a 55 year old Nelson man, while the camper’s driver was a 67 year old Burnaby man. There were no charges.

Mysterious accident

Aug. 18 at 2 pm police attended a single vehicle accident on Hwy 1 east of Cache Creek when a 2005 Ford Explorer went off the road to the right, driving through a field and into a fence. The driver, a 75 year old Williams Lake woman, told police that they’d been driving about 45 minutes when the accident occurred, and she did not remember what happened. BC Ambulance was called as a precaution, but neither she nor her 75 year old male passenger were injured.

No Drivers License

Aug. 18 at 6 pm a Traffic Services officer was operating a stationary radar on Hwy 1 in Spences Bridge and stopped a northbound vehicke. The 41 year old Surrey driver who said she was on her way to Green Lake. She did not have a Drivers License. She was also required to have an Interlock device installed in her car but did not have one. She was charge on both offences.  A friend was contacted to come and drive her vehicle the rest of the way.

Repeat offender nabbed

Aug. 18 at 9 pm Traffic Services officers set up a road check on Hwy 8 at Bridgeway St. in Spences Bridge and stopped an impaired driver on his way to the Desert Daze music festival. The 58 year old man from the Shakan Reserve was taken back to the Ashcroft Detachment and provided two breathalyzer samples of 250 and 250. He was also found to be a prohibited driver who requires an Interlock device in order to drive, but he didn’t have one. The man already has had three impaired driving convictions since 1986. After his last conviction, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Police say that Crown will be seeking a greater punishment if he is found guilty again of impaired driving.

Moonlight swim

Aug. 19 at 3:05 am police received a complaint of four to give people in the Ashcroft public pool. An officer did a patrol and found the pool empty, but found wet footprints leading up to the fence. No suspects were located.

Safe place for the night

Aug. 19 at 9:35 pm police received a complaint of an intoxicated man standing in the middle of Hwy 1 south of the Starhouse Restaurant in Cache Creek, trying to hitchhike. A patrol was made of the area, but he was not located.

At 11:30 pm police received another complaint of a man  passed out on Hwy 97C and Government St. in Ashcroft. The 37 year old Vancouver man was located and lodged in cells overnight until sober.

Not child’s play

Aug. 20 police received a complaint from a mother whose 6 year old son had been threatened by a 9 year old who pulled a knife on him while they were playing with another 7 year old boy at a residence on the 18th. The boys were engaged in a shoving match with each other when the incident occurred.  No one was injured. The mother requested that the RCMP talk to the parents of the other boy, which they did. The “knife” was a homemade “snake sticker” on a long pole.

Pack up and leave

Aug. 20 at 3:38 pm officers were called to a trailer in the Brookside campground to keep the peace after a 40 year old man told his 38 year old girlfriend to pack her things and leave. Police waited while she packed and gave her a ride to the bus station.

Trapped in the P.O.

Aug. 20 at 7:05 pm a passing pedestrian in Cache Creek called the police after another woman was trapped inside the Post Office after hours. The 49 year old Ashcroft woman was inside the P.O. when the automatic doors locked. An officer attended but the woman was able to release herself with the lock release override button.

Police escort

Aug. 21 at 7:40 pm police were called to assist BC Ambulance in Cache Creek with an intoxicated woman who was refusing treatment after ingesting alcohol and medication. Police were able to convince the 52 year old Cache Creek woman to let the ambulance take her to the hospital for monitoring.

At 11:20 pm hospital staff called police to come and pick her up since she no longer required treatment. The office have her a ride home.

BMX found

Aug. 22 a child’s BMX bike with helmet was turned into the Detachment. It had been left in the field in the Ashcroft Pool Park the day before. Contact the RCMP at 453-2216 if it’s yours.

Dirt biker hits cow

Aug. 22 at 8:30 pm police were called to a single vehicle accident on Back Valley Rd. in Cache Creek after a 42 year old Cache Creek man ran into a calf on the road with his dirt bike. The man was taken to the hospital with undetermined back injuries; the calf was seen limping away from the scene but was not located.