Police Report – Stolen vehicles nabbed, money found

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Wife locked out

June 10 at 11 pm RCMP were called by a 38 year old Ashcroft man who said that his intoxcated 34 year old wife had broken a basement window after he locked her out of the house because she was throwing things around. Police attended and located the woman, who was co-operative although intoxicated. She was excorted to a friend’s house for the evening.

Classic car damaged

June 11 a 65 year old Vancouver man called to report that on June 7, Graffiti Weekend in Cache Creek, at 6:30 am his 1985 Chev Caprice was struck by a U-Haul vehicle on Hwy 97 near the Chevron. Although driveable, it received considerable front end damage. No information had been taken from the other driver.

Tip nets stolen vehicles

June 11 at 11:30 am a 71 year old Delta man camping at Juniper Beach called RCMP after seeing a suspicious vehicle driving around the provincial park. The truck had a trailer with a snowmobile on it. The man told police that he’d heard a report earlier in the day of a stolen snowmobile. The vehicle was located still in the park and after speaking to the 26 year old Kamloops man and 32 year old Kamloops woman, it was determined that the 1994 Toyota 4Runner, trailer, snowmobile and two power generators in the SUV had been stolen earlier from Logan Lake, and possibly more items in the vehicle. The couple were arrested and charged with possession of stolen property. The matter is still under investigation.

Sleepy driver

June 12 just after midnight police were notified of a possible impaired driver on Hwy 97 heading north from Cache Creek. Clinton RCMP located the 1992 Geo Storm and determined that the 65 year old Nanaimo driver was not impaired but was overly tired. She was escorted to a nearby motel.

Lost iPhone

June 12 at 2:30 pm a Cache Creek woman called to report that her husband had lost his iPhone some time on June 8 on Hwy 97 between the Bonaparte Reserve and Cache Creek. The phone’s case is florescent orange with camoflage. Anyone finding the phone can turn it into the Detachment.

False accusation

Jan. 12 at 8:55 pm police received a complaint from a 60 year old Cache Creek woman who said she had been assaulted by her boyfriend’s new girlfriend behind the Oasis Hotel and almost thrown in the river after an argument about the 51 year old man. She had various scrapes and a sore neck, and was mildly intoxicated. Police spoke to the 43 year old Cache Creek woman and the man and determined they were both out of town at the time of the assault. Around the same time the man’s bicycle, which was parked behind the Oasis, had been tossed into the river. Police are considering charges of mischief against the 60 year old.

Mustang damaged

Jan. 13 at 4:15 pm a 20 year old Ashcroft woman reported that her 1996 Ford Mustang had been the subject of a hit and run between 1-4 pm while it was parked on Riverside Dr. The passenger side and mirror were damaged. Anyone with information is asked to call the police.

Impaired driver

June 14 at 9:40 pm police conducted a road check by the Ashcroft bridge and stopped a GMC Jimmy. Officers noted a strong odour of liquor coming from the vehicle. The driver had glassy eyes and also smelled of beer. The 35 year old Cache Creek woman admitted to consuming alcohol and Failed a roadside test. She was given a 90 day immediate driving prohibition and her truck was impounded.

Up to no good

June 14 at 10:30 pm police received a call from a 48 year old Ashcroft man who reported that at least six youths were “up to no good” in the Ashcroft pool park. He could hear screaming and bottles breaking. Police located approximately 10 youths in the park, all sober, playing a game of kick the can. There was no damage and no evidence that they had been in the pool. They were asked to keep the noise down.

Shots heard

June 15 at 12:30 pm police received a call from a 45 year old Prince George woman who was visiting Ashcroft. She reported hearing gunshots coming from the Hollis Rd. area. Police spoke to residents, one of who said it sounded like fireworks being set off in a nearby field. There were no other complaints.

Money found

June 16 at 11 am a 64 year old Ashcroft man turned in an envelope full of cash that he’d found in Ashcroft the day before. The envelope has a name on it. Police are asking the owner to come in and identify it.

Shooting at marmots

June 16 at 11:30 police received a complaint that a dark gray Toyota Tundra or Tacoma was driving around a field behind Battel Ave. in Ashcroft taking potshots at gophers for the second day in a row. The truck had a canopy and a banged up tailgate. Only part of the license plate was obtained: G**58. Anyone with information about this vehicle is asked to call the RCMP.

Anxious traveller

June 16 at 1:45 pm police received a call from Greyhound in Cache Creek regarding a passenger who was acting strangely and aggressively. Police located the 27 year old Surrey man who indicated he was suffering from anxiety. He said he had taken medication for an anxiety disorder and promised not to cause problems on the bus. He was allowed to continue his trip to Whitehorse.