Police Report – telephone scams and arguments

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment

Lost purse

Jan. 20 at 8 pm police received a report that a traveller had lost her purse somewhere in Cache Creek. The Kelowna woman couldn’t say where she might have left it. Anyone finding it is asked to turn it in to the RCMP.

Moving out

Jan. 21 at 4:20 am police were called to a domestic disturbance at a residence in 16 Mile. There was no evidence of assault, athough the 26 year old woman asked for police assistance while she removed her belongings from the residence later that day.

A good talking to

Jan. 21 at 4:30 pm police were called to a domistic disturbance near a residence just off Hwy 99 in the Hat Creek area after a 45 year old male confronted another family member, an intoxicated 46 year old male who was accused of harassing the first male’s wife in their home. There was some pushing and shoving.

Another telephone scam

Jan. 22 police received a report of another telephone scam in the area. This one displayed the local RCMP phone number while the caller claimed to be either a police officer or a CRA employee. The caller tells the person that they owe money for back taxes or for some legal matter. Do not send money and do not give personal or banking information.

Stolen vehicle

Jan. 22 police received a report of an abandoned vehicle on Hwy 1 near the Basque Ranch. The vehicle had been stolen from OK Falls and the plates had been stolen in Abbotsford. Fingerprints were taken off the vehicle and plates. The woman who the plates were stolen from didn’t realize they were stolen until she was stopped at the border.

Stocking up

Jan. 22 at 1 pm police were asked to assist with an intoxicated man who had fallen on the street by St. Albans Church. Ambulance attendants seized half a mickey of whisky and a case of beer from the 39 year old Clinton man. He was transported to RIH for an examination and then released, at which time he was arrested for breaching his parole conditions to not consume alcohol in public.

No explanation

Jan. 24 at 3:30 pm police attended a single vehicle accident on Cornwall Rd. The vehicle was found high centered and partially in the ditch. No one was in the car at the time. The Registered Owner, a 38 year old Cache Creek woman, was given a ticket for driving without due care and attention. Road conditions at the time were fine.