Police Report – wrong house, wrong brother

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Sibling rivalry

Oct. 9 Traffic Services received a call from a 50 year old Fort St. John man who wanted to advise that he had received a speeding ticket for a vehicle he hadn’t been driving.  In fact, his 47 year old brother from Vancouver had been driving, but when stopped, had given his Fort St. John brother’s name and date of birth. All Traffic Services vehicles are equipped with video cameras. The video of the ticket was reviewed and it was the Vancouver brother who received the ticket. Charges of personation with intent under the Criminal Code are expected to be laid against the Vancouver man.

Poor driving skills

Oct. 9 at 2 pm police received a report of an erratic driver from the 100 Mile RCMP, who were told that the vehicle was driving at excessive speeds and passing on double solid lines. The vehicle was located and stopped in Ashcroft. The driver, a Saudi Arabian man, was issued tickets for not having a valid Drivers License and for passing on double solid lines.

Fell asleep while driving

Oct. 9 at 2:45 pm police attended a single motor vehicle accident on Hwy 1 near Venables Valley Rd. where a Toyota Corolla had gone off the road to the right and struck the rock face and then a traffic barrier, coming to rest in the oncoming lane. The driver, a 61 year old Vancouver man, told police that he had nodded off while driving. He was uninjured, but his 54 year old wife was transported to Ashcroft hospital with neck, back and leg injuries. Their vehicle was towed.

Candidate for rehab

Oct. 9 at 3 pm while conducting traffic enforcement north of Clinton, a Traffic Services officer pulled over a northbound vehicle travelling at 139 kph in the 100 kph zone. The officer also noticed a strong smell of marijuana in the car and a small amount was seized. The driver, a 34 year old Dawson Creek man, admitted to smoking just after leaving Cache Creek. He was given a ticket for speeding, another for failing to display his N as a new driver, a 24 hour suspension for driving while impaired by drugs, and his vehicle was impounded. The man works at a rehabilitation centre in Dawson Creek.

Long arm of the law

RCMP are in the process of contacting a former Ashcroft resident who is wanted for arrest on two outstanding warrants. The man, currently in northern BC, failed to show up in Kamloops court on Oct. 4 to answer charges of impaired driving and assault.

Breach of curfew

Oct. 10 at 6 pm while patrolling in Cache Creek, an officer noticed a 25 year old Cache Creek man who had two outstanding warrants issued for his arrest for breaching conditions placed on him after a previous arrest. The man was arrested and transported to Kamloops to appear before a judge, who released him on more conditions.

Unintentional roadblock

Oct. 14 at 4:30 pm police  received a complaint that a 15 gallon water tank was on Hwy 1 by Kingsway Corner. Police attended and found a 5,000 gallon plastic tank that had blown down from a ranch above the highway. The rancher was contacted and arrived with his tractor to retrieve the tank.

Wrong house

Oct. 15 at 10 pm police received a complaint about an intoxicated woman who had entered a residence in Ashcroft mistakenly. The residence owner escorted the woman outside, but the 57 year old woman was determined to get back in. Police located her sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle, with the hazard lights flashing. She told them she was trying to go to a neighbour’s house but was confused. RCMP gave her a ride home.