Resident says he’ll fight ROW demand

A Cache Creek man says he'll fight a requirement of his development permit for a statutory right of way on his property.

The Village of Cache Creek says it won’t budge in telling resident Jim Douglas to take out a statutory Right of Way on his property along the Bonaparte River in exchange for the Development Permit he asked for.

However, Coun. Herb Hofer said at the May 26 Council meeting that he would no longer support it. “I’ve given this a lot of thought,” he told Council, “and I believe we’re asking way too much of applicant. We  should remove the condition.”

“It may take us decades to get (all of the property along the river),” said Ranta.

He said the only time the Village would have the opportunity to add to the riverside walking path is to take it when propertyowners ask for a development permit.

The Bonaparte River was added as Developent Permit Area A in the most recent revision of the Official Community Plan, and applies to all property along the river.

Douglas said he planned to run the matter past his lawyer.