Seniors’ centre promises a warm welcome

Members are looking forward to the annual Strawberry Tea on April 30.

Joyce West

At our meeting on Thursday, April 21 we had 12 members present. There are two ways of looking at this:

1) Everyone is happy with what is going on with the Seniors’ Group (and that is very gratifying for the executive and those holding other positions);

2) Should anything happen to those hardworking members—which God forbid!—the group would be wallowing in limbo, and either the new executive would have to jump in at the deep end and take on complicated jobs without help, or the group would close down as no one would have the responsibility to act for it!

Remember, we are all getting older and will not always be around to give a helping hand or advice! By the way, elections will be held at our May 19 business meeting.

At our April business meeting we were assured that all is going well with all our activities. Many thanks were expressed to the organizers of the Carpet Bowling Tournament, by our own members and by those who travelled from other groups, who wrote to express their enjoyment of the event.

We were told that Isabel and Kevin were once again attending the organizational meeting for the B.C. Senior Games, and will give us more details at a later date.

Many of our members have not been faring too well recently. Joyce Freeman reported on the cards that have been sent out to keep in touch with everyone. Fritz Baatz’s passing was recognized, and his many years of behind-the-scenes service to the Seniors’ Group were acknowledged.

Financial reports assure us that our accounts are healthy, and that covering our expenses is not a problem. Thanks were expressed to The Ashcroft Journal for getting our reports and events covered. Coming up on Saturday, April 30 is our Strawberry Tea, and the doors will be open from 1 to 3 p.m. Entry is $5.00 per person; a great deal for tea or coffee and goodies, with a silent auction and lots of socializing on the side. Everyone is most welcome to come and join us!

The suggestion was made—and readily accepted—that anyone who had a jigsaw puzzle lying around the house might like to set it up on a table where it could be worked on in odd moments before or after other activities (or even during them, if people are not taking part playing).

There have been two momentous events celebrated recently: the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. While we cannot really fathom what life was like 400 years ago, many of us, like the Queen, were born before WW II began. We can look back at the huge number of changes in lifestyles, language, and expectations that we have seen occur. Everyday chores and duties have changed beyond belief. Do you remember you or your mother having to kindle a fire for the boiler to heat water for washing the laundry on a Monday morning, VERY early? Or the heavy flannel work shirts that had to be washed by hand and then hung outside to dry, or hung over a pulley in the kitchen? Do you remember having to turn the collars of these selfsame shirts to give them an extra bit of life? Babies in those days wore cloth diapers—all the more for mothers to wash, daily!

Do you remember mealtimes around the table when people actually held conversations, and were not continually referring to handheld gadgets? Do you remember when radio was still developing and no one had heard of TV? On the good side, old age pensions were on the horizon then. Ah, those were the days; we remember them well! And whether you remember them or not, you can still be one of us! Come and join us: there is a timetable posted on the notice board outside the Village Office, and you will be made welcome.