Seniors’ Centre ready to swing into spring

Start getting ready for the annual Strawberry Tea, which this year features a silent auction.

Joyce West

We had a very amicable meeting on St. Patrick’s Day, with 14 members and our Mayor present. After a potluck lunch we were all fuelled up and got down to business, with reports from various members. Everything seems to be going nicely, especially the Bridge group, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

Carpet bowling is also thriving, with the competition between the men and the women creating much good-natured banter and lots of fun. Sometimes we think you might hear the laughter out on the street! There is a bowling tournament coming up on April 5 at Cache Creek hall, and several of our friendly neighbouring seniors’ groups will be attending and competing. It will be another day of friendly banter and camaraderie and enjoyment of friendships. The centre will be closed that day.

On Saturday, April 26 we  will be holding our Strawberry Tea. Instead of having a bake table we will have a Silent Auction. We already have several items, and hope you will all come and participate. Donations to the Telethon and a bursary to our local school were reported on and discussed. These are annual events that we are very proud to be able to support.

After the business was over, we had a presentation from Mayor Jack Jeyes regarding the somewhat controversial upgrading of Ashcroft’s water supply. He made some interesting points and left us with handouts and some things to think hard about. Thank you for taking the time to clue us in, Mayor Jeyes!

I recently watched a Celtic Thunder concert on TV, and one of their songs really struck a chord for me (please excuse any errors—I believe there are several different versions). The words go something like this:

All God’s children have a place in the choir

Some sing low and some sing higher

Some sing out loud from the telephone wire

Some just clap their hands, oh!

There is room for everyone in every organization, and the seniors’ group is no exception. We have many members—and non-members, too—who work away quietly on our behalf. Today I would like to call to your attention the staff of the Cache Creek Post Office, who willingly accommodate our ticket sellers and provide a place to let the public meet us and be aware of our group. Both of our local Post Offices allow us to post messages on their notice boards where everyone can see them.

We have some steadfast members who labour away quietly behind the scenes at every seniors’ event. Every week we are helped with the set up and changing of tables, chairs, and games equipment. We also have one gentleman—who shall be nameless, but we all know who he is!—who works quietly doing odd jobs every day, from mopping up to taking photos for our records, always with a smile!

We all have much to be thankful for, and we all have a place in the choir that makes it so, and helps our hearts to sing and be happy. Come and join us in our song!