SPCA rescues dog near Lytton

SPCA rescued a young Rottweiler with an embedded collar.

A dog, whose collar was so embedded that it took an extensive surgery to cut it out of his neck, is recovering at the Kamloops Branch of the BC SPCA. The young Rottweiler, rescued from a rural area near Lytton, required more than 80 stitches after the surgery to remove the embedded collar.

“Sadly, we see this situation quite often, where owners don’t bother to change their dog’s collar as the animal grows and the collar becomes so tight that it cuts deeply into their flesh,” says Kent Kokoska, senior animal protection officer for the BC SPCA. “This is excruciatingly painful for the poor animal, particularly if the raw flesh becomes infected, and is inexcusable neglect on the part of the owner.”

Kokoska says the dog, who is approximately one to two years old, is a smart, gentle dog who gets along well with other canines. “It is likely that the dog spent much of his life confined to a tether, but he has a very sweet disposition and we are currently assessing him and providing him with the care and rehabilitation he needs.”

The dog is currently being fostered by a Kamloops SPCA staff member as he recovers from his injuries.

The investigation into the case continues and charges of animal cruelty are pending.