Spences Bridge gets polling station back

Voters in Spences Bridge will be receiving new Voters Cards and a Polling Station closer to home.

Spences Bridge voters are breathing a sigh of relief this week as their polling station is back in town.

“We are relieved that Elections Canada got some common sense and reversed the decision not to have a polling station in Spences Bridge,” said resident Mavourneen Varcoe-Ryan. “I trust that this will enable everyone to exercise their right to vote – which I hope they do!”

When residents received their Voters Cards in the mail last month, they found out they were expected to vote in Lytton.

Steve Sweeney, rural liaison for Elections Canada, says every 10 years the polling divisions get fiddled with and glitches happen.

The Returning Officer, based in Mission, put a polling station in Spences Bridge when she found out there was a problem. Sweeney said new cards will be sent to all Spences Bridge voters with the correct information.

Last week in the Lillooet area, Elections Canada made new arrangements for residents of Texas Creek Road, Roshard Road and Seton Lake Road to vote at the Lillooet REC Centre. They has originally been directed to cast their ballots in Shalath, an hour and a half drive away across the mountains.

To vote in this election, people have to be Canadian citizens and have to be 18 years old on voting day. Bring your Voters Card.

Voters can prove their identity and address in one of three ways: Show up with either their driver’s licence or provincial ID card; Show two pieces of ID, at least one of which must have their current address. These IDs include health card, Canadian passport, birth certificate, certificate of Canadian citizenship, social insurance number card, Indian status card, band membership card, Veterans Affair health card, credit card, debit card, library card, label on a prescription container, government statement of benefits, firearms licence, utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement.

If their ID does not have their current address, they can take an oath as long as they have two pieces of ID with their name, and have someone who knows them attest to their address. This person must show proof of identity and address, be registered in the same polling division and attest for only one person.