Stamps and labels are for a good cause

News from the most recent meeting of the United Church Women.

Phyllis Gray

Seven ladies attended our United Church Women’s meeting in the United Church Hall at 2:00 p.m. on May 10. President Reta Robertson welcomed everyone, and we opened the meeting by repeating the UCW purpose.

Joyce Freeman led the Devotional with a reading from There is a Season by Betty Radford Turcott. The scripture was Psalm 40: 1–4, and the theme of the devotion was “Rock of Ages”. We stand in awe of God’s creation; if we build our lives on the solid rock of knowing God’s love, He will guide us and direct us throughout all our days. Joyce closed with prayer.

The agenda was adopted as presented, and the minutes of April’s meeting were adopted as written and circulated. It was noted that a “thank you” ad was put in The Journal for everyone who had helped with the Bean Supper. We thank The Journal for all the publicity they print for us about all our projects and happenings.

Correspondence was next, and there were several pieces. We had an e-mail from Carmen Salacsacan about her missionary work in the Philippines, and her plans to move back to Mexico to do missionary work there now that her mother’s health has improved somewhat. The B.C. Conference United Church Women will be hosting the UCW’s 55th anniversary celebrations in July 2017. There was an e-mail from the national UCW president regarding the many wildfires in Alberta, and the generous donation the national United Church made to help those affected by them.

The B.C. Conference meeting highlights were received from the secretary, Linda Borys, as well as news of the Morogoro Women’s Training Centre in Tanzania, Africa. A booklet entitled Bread Not Stones also came; it is a UCW project about nourishing the whole body. The First United Church Community Ministry sent us their news, and we received Daily Bread booklets for June, July, and August.

Reports were next, and Shirley Dobson, our treasurer, handed out her written report, which was passed. Dorothy Pears gave her Sunshine report about the cards she sent out in April. Phyllis Gray, publicity, noted that she had sent the write-up of April’s meeting to The Journal.

In the absence of our Archives lady, Hilda Drinkwater, Shirley and Reta stated that the Bean Supper pictures were posted on our events board, and that April’s meeting report and a copy of the notice of Fritz Baatz’s passing were put in our archives album.

Reta reported for Outreach, stating she had received many Campbell’s labels and used stamps. Some of the labels had to be discarded because they were torn down the middle of the bar code. Campbell’s labels will not be accepted unless the bar code and name are intact. The used stamps have to be complete, with the perforated edges intact also. This can be achieved by leaving a little edge around the stamp. We appreciate those who save these for us, taking the time and trouble to help us with our outreach work. Reta also stated that the United Church group will be hosting “Soup’s On” at the Anglican Church hall on June 3.

We paused at this time for refreshments and fellowship.

New business brought us together, and we noted that we needed to send our donation for the Daily Bread booklets, and also support the B.C. Conference UCW. Jacklin Desrosiers, our secretary, told us about the B.C. Conference UCW and ACW meeting held at Brentwood United Church in Saanichton in April. It was a most interesting and informative report. Reta then read two clippings of humorous stories of children and their remarks.

Our next meeting is on June 7 at 2:00 p.m. in the United Church hall. We closed with the United Church Women’s prayer. If any ladies are interested in our work they would be most welcome to come as a visitor or join us.