The team at Lytton’s new dental clinic in their “dream facility”. (from l) Dr. Dang

The team at Lytton’s new dental clinic in their “dream facility”. (from l) Dr. Dang

State of the art dental clinic opens in Lytton

Clinic at the Tl'kemstin Community Health Centre is open to all.

Bernie Fandrich

Lytton’s new Tl’kemstin Community Health Centre includes a state-of-the-art dental clinic.

Dr. Dang, the dentist, recently moved to Lytton from Quebec. He coordinated the installation of all the new  dental equipment, which is valued at more than a quarter of a million dollars.

“I recently retired, and when the Lytton opportunity came up I left Quebec and moved to Lytton, where the sun always shines and winters don’t last very long,” he says.

A dentist for 40 years, Dr. Dang beamed when he described the new dream facility. “Everything here is the best in the industry. Tooth fillings can be performed painlessly using our drill replacement tool, and with the new Velscope machine we can even perform pre-cancer screening.”

Hygienist Deborah Bossence moved to Lytton from Penticton to work in the spotless clinic.

“I’ve enjoyed working and living in Lytton, especially because people are so friendly and appreciative of what we’re doing,” she says. “We’ve encouraged school groups to tour our facility, and we’ve impressed upon the students that having teeth cleaned or repaired won’t be painful.

“We tell them that our laughing gas is here to make them laugh, not cry,” she joked.

The formal ribbon-cutting took place on Feb. 19, under the guidance of Lytton First Nation (LFN) Band Administrator Dr. Rosalin Miles. She introduced LFN Councillor Debbie Abbot, who cut the ribbon, formally opening the impressive facility.

“Lytton First Nation is pleased to open the Tl’kemstin Dental Clinic. It is available to all residents in the surrounding communities and neighbourhoods, status or non-status,” Abbot said.

Lytton Mayor Jessoa Lightfoot also attended the opening, and congratulated LFN on a job well done.

Delightful door prizes were drawn after a light lunch for the 75 people who attended the opening ceremony.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday. Appointments can be secured by calling (250) 256- 8573 or by dropping in to the Community Health Centre. Dr. Dang and his team are looking forward to serving Lytton and area residents.