Liberal candidate Jackie Tegart at her campaign office

Liberal candidate Jackie Tegart at her campaign office

Tegart says it’s time for a change in politics

Fraser-Nicola candidate Jackie Tegart opens her campaign office in Ashcroft.

Liberal candidate Jackie Tegart held a grand opening for her campaign office in Ashcroft on March 16, with approximately 38 supporters in attendance. A delicious cake was provided by Deb Tuohey.

“After the last two weeks, you might be asking yourself why anyone would want to run in the 2013 BC election,” she told those present. “I firmly believe if you want change to happen, if we believe that politics in BC need to be done differently, we must elect people who will commit to that.

“I believe that the business of the public should be carried out honestly, efficiently and in a transparent way,” she continued. “In order to influence how the business of politics is done, I need to be in Victoria.”

She encouraged everyone to sign up as members of the Liberal Party, volunteer to assist with the office, knocking on doors and putting up signs, and to donate to her campaign.

Tegart also asked them to spread the word to their friends “about how important this campaign is”.

“With your help, we can win Fraser Nicola, and we can have fun doing it!” she said.

The office is located in the Village Mall on Railway Ave. and will be open from noon to 4 pm Wednesday to Saturday. Everyone is welcome to drop in.