There’s lots happening at David Stoddart School in Clinton. Photo: Wendy Coomber.

There’s lots happening at David Stoddart School in Clinton. Photo: Wendy Coomber.

The Rundown: Clinton News

Used batteries for a good cause, a fundraiser for ranchers, a craft sale, and more.

By Raven Nyman

David Stoddart School news

It has been a busy month for the students and staff at David Stoddart School in Clinton.

In September, the school’s “Welcome Back Barbecue” was well attended, with students and staff all working hard to create various student-led experiences that promote social responsibility.

In the past weeks, DSS took part in the annual Terry Fox Run, as well as the Walk for Reconciliation and Orange Shirt day.

DSS students will get the opportunity to attend “WE DAY” this year, an event that brings together world renowned speakers, A-list performers, and thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action.

Students have been asked to bring used household batteries to the event, as it keeps them out of landfills and can save a child’s life. For every battery recycled, Teck will donate the value of zinc it contains to the “WE DAY” zinc program in Kenya.

If you’re interested in helping DSS students make a great impact and attend “WE DAY” this year, used batteries can be dropped off at David Stoddart School or at Integris Credit Union.

As always, parents are encouraged to come out and get involved in their children’s education as members of the Parent Advisory Council. The group meets once a month at DSS and offers babysitting services if needed.

For more information about the PAC or to sign up as a member, contact chair Brenda McKay at (250) 459-0016. The next PAC meeting will take place on Thursday, October 19 at 6:30 p.m.

A reminder that there will be no school the following day, as Friday, October 20 is a Non-I Day.

Ranching Strong fundraiser reminder

A reminder that the Ranching Strong fundraiser will take place at the Clinton Memorial Hall on Saturday, October 21.

Clinton resident Bacardi Zimmerlee had the wonderful idea to create a fundraiser to benefit the many local ranchers who have been impacted by the Elephant Hill wildfire this year, and with the help of a few friends she has made the fundraiser happen.

The event will include a live auction hosted by Clinton’s own auctioneer, Russell Allison. A dance will follow, featuring live DJ Tom Moe and his Rolling Thunder Revue.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and the live auction begins at 6:30.

The event is still taking donations, so get creative, donate, and come out to benefit your local ranchers. If you or your business would like to donate to the Ranching Strong fundraiser, please contact Bacardi Zimmerlee at (250) 320-7786.

More information about the Ranching Strong fundraiser can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

Fall Craft sale

A reminder that the ninth annual Clinton Fall Craft Sale will take place on Saturday, October 28 at 10 a.m. in the Clinton Memorial Hall.

The event is being organized by the Clinton Communities in Bloom committee.

Lunch will be available on site. If you have a passion for crafting or are interested in selling your handmade creations at this year’s sale, contact Susan Swan at the Country Squire Gift Shop or email

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