Plans for development of the unique McAbee Fossil Beds near Cache Creek are in the early stages of discussion

Plans for development of the unique McAbee Fossil Beds near Cache Creek are in the early stages of discussion

TNRD Times

TNRD Director Steve Rice reports on what's going on in Area I, and asks everyone to give volunteers a big thank you.

Steve Rice

I’ve been busy at the farm getting the hothouse going: pruning, burning, and planning for any and all the wonderful surprises that Mother Nature may have for us farmers. That being said, my TNRD hat has been on more than off lately, and it feels good to see a lot of rural projects moving forward.

First and foremost: Thank You! Thank you to all the incredible volunteers in Blue Sky Country! Our annual Easter Egg Hunt in Spences Bridge is a traditional draw for the many, many children and grandchildren of the Bridge and is a prime example. Volunteers from all facets of our community helped put on this fantastic event.

All our communities have this dedicated legion of volunteers who make our lives a little better. Next time you cross paths with a community champion or a volunteer, why not buy them a coffee or beer to say thank you. Heck, maybe buy them dinner. Many have volunteered for thirty or even forty years or more, and a thank you, in whatever form, means a lot!

Down to business:  projects utilizing Gas Tax, Discretionary, and/or NDIT funding in Area I. The Walhachin project at the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall is a work of art. New restrooms, kitchen optimized, new furnace, entryway: the list goes on. The outside is even more incredible. Professional horseshoe pits, giant chessboard, a covered deck, gazebo, rockscaping, landscaping—there’s even a fantastic locally designed pizza oven (with another one coming soon to Spences Bridge).

The Lytton Legion is undergoing a complete makeover. They’re moving upstairs, and nearing the final phase of this project, led by the passion of a dedicated group of local volunteers.

The Deer Lane project in Spences Bridge is also nearing completion. It will not only provide access to water for several parcels, but will connect two dead ends of the water system. This will improve the integrity of the line and afford better pressure. Should a fire occur along Deer Lane, our Volunteer Fire Department will also have excellent access.

The McAbee Fossil Beds, a unique fossil site that has drawn worldwide attention for the age, types, and quantity of its fossils, is now on the Provincial radar screen. We are in the beginning stages of forming an ad hoc group to look at next steps. Initial discussions will explore ways to make it available on a limited basis. Needless to say, this is a very exciting prospect for our area. Stay tuned!

The Spences Bridge Park Proponent Group has canvassed the town, held meetings, and compiled a wish list of the community should the referendum pass. The Proponent Group gathered over 100  signatures supporting a park at the school property; an incredible number for our little community. These are volunteers with a passion: a huge Thank You!

Should you wish to be a part of the process, please contact the Working Group, which consists of Annette Albert, Jack Charters, or Karen Peters. Please keep in mind that a referendum is months away, and if you wish to sign the Proponent petition, or even become a part of the Working Group, contact Annette, Jack, or Karen. The group is open to anyone who is in support, or who is undecided and would like to learn more.

The Park Proponent group has certainly identified that there is a strong desire for a park in Spences Bridge. I applaud their continued efforts, and truly believe in my heart of hearts that a park will improve the “quality of life”, impact economic vibrancy positively, and be the only park of its kind visible alongside the Trans-Canada Highway; all the way to 100 Mile!