Town goes with new street sweeper

Cache Creek goes with Vernon company

Cache Creek has hired a street sweeping company out of Vernon – Clean Line Sweepers – to clean is roughly 8 km of streets in the Spring.Council approved the $3,924 contract at its Feb. 28 meeting.Clean Line Sweepers was the lowest of three tenders, the others being a quote of $10,500 by Cache Creek’s Ivanhoe Loader Services and $12,500 by Sticks and Stones out of Abbottsford. Although Ivanhoe had the lowest hourly rate, they estimated 95 hours, while the Vernon company said they could do it in 27 hours with their brand new equipment.Administrator Tom Kadla told Council that Ashcroft spends 80 hours per year on their street cleaning with only twice the amount of roads. The Abbottsford company estimated that it would take them 121 hours to clean Cache Creek streets.