Traffic Services nips harvest in the bud

Traffic Services officers accidentally reap the bounty of a Grow Op harvest

Ashcroft’s Traffic Services members inadvertently stumbled across a Grow Op harvest while trying to help a motorist in distress.

On Oct. 17 at 5:15 pm officers were sitting at the Walhachin turnoff waiting to pull back out onto Hwy 1 when an eastbound pickup truck drive by on the highway. They noticed a low rear tire on the truck and pulled out after the truck to advise the driver, but the tire failed before they could stop him. The driver managed to pull the truck safely over to the side of the road.

The officer noticed the smell of fresh marijuana as he approached the truck and arrested the driver and his passenger, a 51 year old Langley man and a 32 year old man from Kamloops.

Inside the truck, the officer found 58.8 pounds of freshly harvested marijuana. The drugs were seized and the pair are now facing charges of possession for the purposes of trafficking.

It is believed the pair were coming from a freshly harvested grow op in the Walhachin area.