Two injured in single vehicle crash

A Kamloops couple were taken to the hospital for bruises and broken bones on Friday afternoon after their car left Hwy 1 by the Perry Ranch.

An elderly Kamloops couple are lucky to be alive after their Ford Crown Victoria went off the road on Hwy 1 by the Perry Ranch on Friday afternoon.

RCMP were called to the single vehicle accident around 12:30 pm on Apr. 10 after the car went off road to the right, rolled down an embankment and sheared off a power pole.

It is suspected that the 83 year old driver either fell asleep or lost consciousness while driving. He and his 81 year old wife were transported to the hospital for treatment. He was treated for bruises and released; his wife is still in the hospital recovering from broken bones.

BC Hydro was called to come and replace their pole.