Two landfill gas projects explored

Wastech proposes two options to use gas produced by Cache Creek Landfill.

Wastech is mulling over two options for turning the landfill gas into energy.

The first is the use of reciprocating engines to generate electricity for sale to BC Hydro. The second is the production of pipeline quality gas derived fro the biogas produced at the landfill, which will be trucked to Kamloops and injected into the Fortis distribution system.

Cache Creek Council received the report from Wastech at its Apr. 23 Council meeting.

Either option would create jobs for local residents and be welcome by the Village, said Mayor John Ranta.

He said people have been asking for years why the energy produced by the gas was  being wasted.

Although they had ideas of how to use it, finding the money to convert the gas to something usable was the hold up. So the gas was burned off to prevent the buildup of methane, which is highly volatile.

Last year the Ministry of Environment told Wastech and Metro Vancouver to come up with a plan and do it.

Now they have until the end of June to pick one of the options, which needs to be operating by August 2013.

The Comprehensive Agreement between Cache Creek, Wastech and Metro Vancouver expires in 2016, said Ranta. At that time, MV may wish to sell off its portion of the landfill gas conversion system, providing the Village with an opportunity.