Variety bingo cancelled for 2012

Licensing problems sink annual fundraising bingo in Cache Creek.

Changes in how bingos are licensed has forced the cancellation of Cache Creek’s Variety Bingo this year.

Mayor John Ranta admitted that putting on the event has been a challenge these last two years. The Cache Creek Rec Commission used to host the annual bingo, while Cache Creek and Ashcroft Council members would work the floor. In part because of dwindling membership, the Rec Commission is no longer hosting the bingo. And they are reluctant to let a third party use their license to raise money for another group – namely, the Variety Children’s Charity.

“I’m sure people will be disappointed,” said Ranta. “The bingo has been an ongoing tradition for a decade or more.”

He said they may be able to arrange something for next year, although the Village holding a license for one bingo is not really an option.