Wastech, MV told to use landfill’s gas

Ministry of Environment to make use of Cache Creek Landfill's gas mandatory.

The Province has given Wastech and Metro Vancouver until the end of the year to commit to a proposed implementation schedule for the Cache Creek Landfill’s methane.

In June the Ministry of Environment gave notice to the landfill partners that it was contemplating an amendment to the Operational Certificate that would make beneficial use of the collected landfill gas (LFG) mandatory.

Both Wastech and Metro Vancouver said they supported the beneficial use of landfill gas but that coming up with a plan under their existing contract was going to be difficult and perhaps costly.

Wastech responded by saying that it has been investigating options since 2005, such as the production of wood pellets, the generation of electricity and the conversion to Liquified Natural Gas.

Wastech converted two of its trucks to LNG in 2009.

Metro Vancouver CAO Johnny Carline replied to the Ministry, saying that they support the LNG conversion project that Wastech “has been espousing for the last several years,” but first they want to know how much it will cost and who will be paying for it before they agree to it.