Water treatment plant repaired

Cache Creek's new Water Treatment Plant is still requiring repairs.

Cache Creek’s new Water Treatment Plant continues to cause expensive headaches for the Village.

The $2 million plant took several years to plan and build, and then another year to start up after running into problems with the pipes.

On Sept. 11 a water line fitting broke inside the plant. Chief Financial Officer Sheila McCutcheon advised Council  that the Public Works crew replaced the damaged fittings only to have another fitting fail once the plant was restarted.

Public Works Foreman Steve Peacock said, “The second part of fail was fitted tightly to several bends requiring the entire section to be replaced with new parts.”

The cost for the replacement parts was $3,000, which has resulted in the Water Operating Repairs Budget being overbudget by appproximately $2,000.

McCutcheon noted there still remains three months in the 2015 budget year, with a potential of other water repairs being required.

She recommended that Council approve the increase in the Water Operations budget for repairs of $3,000, to be included in the upcoming budget amendment for 2015.

Coun. Herb Hofer asked if there was any warranty left on the plant, which has been in operation for about two years now.

It didn’t come up in discussion with the engineers, said McCutcheon. “It’s highly unlikely.”

She said the new parts arrived last Friday and work will be completed this week.