There are a lot of ways households can cut down on water consumption

There are a lot of ways households can cut down on water consumption

Watering restrictions start in Ashcroft on May 1

There are many ways to reduce household water consumption besides not watering the lawn as often.

On May 1, watering restrictions come into effect in the Village of Ashcroft and many other municipalities large and small. Last year, the first year that saw watering restricted in Ashcroft between May 1 and September 30, saw a 17 per cent decrease of total consumption compared to the previous nine-year average, and a 29 per cent decrease in the peak day demand compared to the previous nine-year peak day average.

Restricting lawn-watering is a significant way for households to decrease their water consumption; but there are several other ways people can cut down on the water they use, and not just during the summer months. Something as simple as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, rather than leaving the water running, can cut down by 80 per cent the water used for this simple task.

Make sure your taps are turned off tightly to prevent dripping, and fix leaks around taps, toilets, and pipes as soon as they are discovered.

Low-flow shower heads, or adjustable flow-reducer devices on existing shower heads, can save up to 60 litres of water during a 10-minute shower (and you might consider shorter showers as well). Water flow reducers can also be installed on taps in the kitchen and bathroom.

Whether you have a dishwasher or hand-wash your dishes, you can conserve water. If you have a dishwasher, do not start it until you have a full load, and use the shortest cycle. If you wash your dishes in the sink, don’t fill it to the brim, and turn the tap off while washing the dishes, then use a spray attachment to rinse them.

Many homes have older toilets that can use up to 26 litres of water per flush. Consider taking out your old toilets and replacing them with new, low-flush ones which can use as little as 4.8 litres of water per flush. And when doing laundry, do one large load as opposed to two (or more) smaller ones if possible, and set your washing machine to the shortest cycle.

When it comes to watering your lawn, use a moisture meter to determine how moist the soil is in your lawn and garden. Many people judge by the surface only, unaware that deeper down there is abundant moisture, and overwater as a result. Also, water down deep will force grass and plants to sink their roots deeper, which makes for healthier growth.

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