Wedding gifts stolen

Thief grabs wedding gifts on Ashcroft couple's wedding night.

Police are investigating the theft of $4,000 in wedding gifts, some time overnight on Aug. 27, that were taken from the conference room at the River Inn where the wedding reception had taken place.

Nine wrapped gifts and 13 envelopes containing cash and gift cards were left in the room overnight. It was locked and secured by a chain. When the 33 year old Ashcroft woman returned to retrieve them in the morning, she found only one gift and four empty envelopes.

A police spokesperson said when the woman reported the theft on Sept. 7, she told them that she had been advised by associates that there was nothing police could do about it, and that she had been too upset to speak about it. The River Inn’s surveillance data is only kept for a short time and was not available by the time the incident was reported.

The matter is still under investigation.