Members of Ashcroft Yoga present a cheque for $3

Members of Ashcroft Yoga present a cheque for $3

Yoga group gives back with new doors for community hall

The group has a history of helping out with refurbishments to the hall, where they meet regularly.

Marijke Stott and members of Ashcroft Yoga presented Ashcroft mayor Jack Jeyes with a cheque for $3,500 to pay for the new doors that have recently been installed at the front of the community hall in Ashcroft, where the group meets.

“We’ve helped with all sorts of other things,” says Stott, “and it’s my way of giving back to the village. Since we use the hall, we like the money to go back to the hall.” The old doors were very noisy and did not have a window; the new doors are much more quiet, and let light into the foyer.

This is not the first time Ashcroft Yoga has helped pay for new doors for the hall, and Stott says it’s their pleasure to provide the funds. “And it’s our pleasure to receive them,” said Jeyes, thanking the group for their contributions.