A walk in the park (for dogs)

Ashcroft resident - and her canine - likes the prospect of a dedicated dog park.

Dear Editor

The purpose of this letter is to express my support for a dog park to be built in the pool park in Ashcroft, as per Va Freestone’s letter to the mayor and Council, which was reported on the front page of last week’s Journal.

I recently did the tree inventory of this park, and in so doing it occurred to me that the far bottom corner is very seldom, if ever, used, and would make a good location for a dog park.

A dog park would fit right in with the “Wellness” logo, as our four-legged friends need exercise, fresh air and a chance to socialize as much as we do, and at present don’t appear to be welcome in many of the green spaces the Village provides and maintains.

As for concerns about waste, I have taken our dog to several different dog parks in other places, and have noted most if not all owners pick up after their pets – someone who thinks enough of their dog to take them to a park to run and play is usually responsible in other areas as well.

It would be wonderful to hear how this may be accomplished, rather than reasons why it can’t happen, and to see a dog park in the very near future. Perhaps if enough dog owners were to voice their desire for a dog park to the Powers That Be, it will happen! Here’s hoping!

Sandy Butler (owned by “Duffer”)