All’s well at Soup’s On

Reta Robertson writes to reassure patrons of Soup's On

Dear Editor,

Recently, faithful patrons of Soup’s On at St. Alban’s in Ashcroft arrived to find a “Sorry” sign on the locked door. This was the first glitch in the program since its inception more than six years ago, and there was no chance to forewarn people.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Life happens, we smile, and move forward.

Soup’s On is alive and well! We have every intention of continuing this event as long as there are volunteers stepping forward to make it happen. We look forward to seeing the public attending and supporting this very popular and needed program.

We value your friendship, encouragement, and donations of food, time, and personal help. Being volunteers, people come and go, so we are always open for new and more persons to lend a hand. If interested, contact Martina Baier (250-453-2053) to learn more about the program and how it operates.

Here’s to the continued success of Soup’s On!

Reta Robertson

Cache Creek