Ashcroft can handle wellness

Writer says Ashcroft is strong enough to embrace wellness

Re:  Wellness Awaits You . . .

Dear Editor

Ashcroft is a gutsy town. When Interior Health doesn’t appear to be doing its job, we gather, we protest, we make a point. When good overall health care appears to be diminishing, we gather under the umbrella of Wellness.  We recognize wellness as another art form and around our town we embrace every art form that is so freely offered to us.

Art that ranges from plays to paintings, from writing to growing gardens, from hiking trails to fitness classes and to every musical genre that we are offered. Also, as Kathy Paulos, our Museum Curator reminds us, we have a rich history in which the wellness logo and the Opera House are both firmly embedded.

We are often reminded of our history by you, Esther, and part of that reminder is in honouring both the past and present endeavours of others.

Come on, Esther, there are no dodo birds around here – we’re much too gutsy for that!

In salute to our town where Wellness Awaits You!

Lois Petty