Ashcroft Indian Band’s community report praised

AIB gets kudos not only for report, but for including all of Ashcroft in its distribution.

Hello Darcy and fellow Band Members:

Recently I, along with everyone else, received a copy of the 2012 Community Report from the Ashcroft Indian Band.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and to commend you on the quality of the pictures and information contained in the report.

I have lived here since 1971, and I believe that this report is the first and particularly the best hand the Band has ever extended to increase support and interest within the general public. The report itself is interesting and encouraging and I trust that it is only the first step in a progression long overdue. I hope that the band will recognize the quality of leadership that you now have and will take some steps forward, put differences aside and walk together into a certain future.

Beverley Campbell,

Long time Ashcroft resident and AIB supporter