Ashcroft is a safe place to live

Ashcroft is a quiet and safe community

Dear Editor

Response to “Suspicious Characters in Ashcroft.” – (July 26, 2011)

Ashcroft, what a wonderful place in which to live!

I moved here in 2009 for a number of reasons. One being that it was returning home for me but the main reason was and still is, the sense of quiet and safe community life.

When I was looking for a home to buy I was told by some residents that their grandchildren came to visit them every summer and that they were comfortable with allowing them to walk across town to the swimming pool and back by themselves.

This statement spoke loudly to me and since moving here I have marveled at how safe children are in our community.

I am not naive. I know there have been abuse problems in the past between adults and children and there will continue to be so.

But if we live in suspicion of our neighbour, we build a wall. We may be safe inside but by doing this, we slowly cut ourselves off from the community.

We must trust one another until proven otherwise but even then we must refrain from building walls.

The people of Ashcroft are composed of many different nationalities and practice various religious beliefs or none at all.

We generally believe in helping our neighbour, in trusting our neighbour and we have a strong sense of community.

Just stop by the grocery store or take a walk down the street and observe how genuinely warm and friendly people are.

Let us continue to live up to Ashcroft’s brand: “Wellness Awaits You” by being open and trusting towards others. Other communities will come to us for lessons in the best way to live!

Angus Muir