Ashcroft Rodeo not a burden to taxpayers

Writer wants to be clear that taxpayers will not be asked to pay for rodeo relocation.

Dear Editor

I would like to clear up a few misconceptions that I heard at the Community Hall meeting on Thursday evening.

First of all, thank you to all of the Ashcroft citizens who turned out to voice their opinions regarding the Ashcroft Rodeo relocation. I heard several comments from people who were concerned that the Ashcroft Rodeo would be a burden on the taxpayers. The Ashcroft Rodeo has always been self-sufficient. We have applied for provincial and federal grant money whenever we have had a large expense to cover, and we run each year’s rodeo from the funds that we collect from the previous year’s rodeo. We have funds to cover the move of the rodeo grounds already.

It was heartwarming to hear that the majority of people at the meeting do not want to lose the Ashcroft Rodeo. Everyone must realize that to keep our rodeo, it must go to where there is an available space. As I pointed out in my address, the Ashcroft Rodeo Assn. will do all that we can to keep the rodeo grounds pleasing to the eye, and in tune with the surroundings, wherever it would be placed.

Now we all will have to wait to see what Village Council can come up with.

On behalf of the Ashcroft Rodeo Assn.

Heather Philpott