Ashcroft should save for new fire truck

Author feels the Village still has time to save money and avoid borrowing for new fire truck.

Dear Editor

I don’t agree with the elimination of the senior’s discount for water and sewer rates. As we have a shrinking population, as well as one less school, I don’t see any cost-cutting of expenditures.

Concerning the firetruck, the rules for continued use are on a website (Firetruck Underwriters Insurance) which allows for use  up to 29 years with a yearly inspection.

I was told by the town administration that a prudent reserve was required by provincial law. I spoke with the manager of municipal affairs in Victoria who said there is no such requirement. He looked at our finances and said that we were in good shape with a million dollars in our account. An engine can be replaced much cheaper than a new truck. So, with a 10 year window, budgeting for a new truck can be done.

As the Council is new to the job, this will give them the opportunity to become more familiar with the wishes of the electorate.

Ray Bewza