Backyard burning bad

Ashcroft resident agrees with Maria Russell-Martin who called on Council last week to ban backyard burning.

Dear editor

Having personally experienced the effects of backyard burning, I agree wholeheartedly, with Maria Russell Martin’s recent open letter to Council.  Please re-visit this bylaw.

When smoke permeates one’s home, it is ‘uncomfortable’ at the least and can be fatal for those with lung conditions. This is exacerbated by the heavy winds we experience almost daily, especially during the spring and summer months.

As Maria states, if there is a heavy fire season there is no respite from the smoke. Compounding this with backyard burning, is unnecessary and dangerous – I know, since I ended up in the hospital three years ago – the result of a bad forest-fire season and a neighbour who was burning every night (has since moved away).

One of Ashcroft’s best features is the wonderful, clean air – let us maintain that year-round!

Gail Groome