Bad decision shouldn’tbe pleasing

Dear Editor

How strange! Belcorp is pleased with the decision of the B.C. Court of Appeal? (The Journal, March 8.)

The Court has ruled that consultation with the NNTC has been improper.Yes, the Ministry certificate hasn’t been scrapped. I guess that is some kind of perceived victory. For now.

As for John Ranta’s Alice In Wonderland statement, “That the landfill extension …could become a valuable option for BC municipalities and regional districts looking for a sustainable bridge to zero waste that is made in BC affordable and flexible,” the mind boggles with the sheer prolixity of the hope.

There is no end to garbage. That is true. But does that make it “sustainable”?  Sustainable means “avoiding the depletion of natural resources.”

What is “natural” about garbage?

Fact is, the extension will further pollute an increasing area of geography, greatly effecting the habitat of animals, birds, and ultimately, us.

The burning off of methane gas will increase. Yet, the Province says it is committed to reducing green house gas emissions and has asked municipalities to do so.

The proliferation of eagles in and around Cache Creek landfill and into residential areas should be some cause for concern. Maybe the eagles are a bellwether.

Esther Darlington MacDonald, Cache Creek