Big need for local theatre

Ashcroft needs a centre for visual and performing arts.

Dear Editor

There is a pressing need in Ashcroft for a center for the visual and performing arts.

There has been a need for a such a focus  which can accommodate the visual,  technical, and physical needs of artists for at least a decade.

It is difficult to minimize the impact that the Ashcroft Opera House had on this community, for example.

The musical and drama entertainment featured at the Opera House drew hundreds of visitors from all over the region. People came from Merritt, Prince George, Vancouver, to hear first rate professional musicians.

Trouble is, without the Ashcroft Opera House, the presentations have, more or less, been performed on a “make do” physical level. It is extraordinary, in fact, how a very small group of persons instrumental in bringing this high caliber musical entertainment to Ashcroft has improvised time and again to present the community with music, plays, and art exhibits, year after year.

Yes, we are a very small community with limited dollars. But with focus on development of what we have in the way of the arts, both performing and visual, there is no limit to what the will can achieve. Money is being given to worthwhile charities in the community. So we know, that corporate money is available.

We need leadership in this sphere. We need priorities.

Another sphere that should be concentrated on our unique history.

Visit Historic Ashcroft signs on the highways were a great start. Why not put the Wellness Logo under the signs? That is a link which could be memorable, and ultimately, meaningful to anyone travelling.

How much more meaningful would Historic Ashcroft be, if it was linked to the Arts, performing and visual?

When there is a will. There is a way. “If we build it, they will come.”

Esther Darlington MacDonald