Brand is a mistake that needs correcting

Author wants someone to fix the mistake of the new brand.

Dear Editor

I have always been of the opinion that I have no right to complain unless I do something about it. I briefly attended the “Wellness Awaits You” branding information meeting – a complete waste of time. It was a mutual back-patting exercise and they were not open to opposing views.

When the survey on the brand (76 per cent disagreement, 15 agreement agreement, nine per cent undecided) was presented to mayor and council, Mayor Anderson mentioned compromise, possibly a referendum. He stated to me that he doesn’t remember saying that.

The branding ambassadors were asked what this process cost and the person was told they didn’t know. Not too responsible as more than $64,000 was spent on this false advertising for our community. They have been asked repeatedly to explain in 10 words or less what the brand means and have not been able to. I was told later after leaving the meeting angry and disgusted that the multi-coloured cow patties represent sun, sage, tomatoes, dirt, etc. The $64,000 is just part of a larger amount for community diversification by Community Futures.

The brand and logo are now adopted by Mayor and Council. So, if half the people I have heard complain about this meaningless, new-age pap let their views be known to Mayor and Council then perhaps the wishes of the majority can be recognized. Historical Ashcroft is an appropriate brand. There will be a town hall meeting in November.

It is too bad that all that money and volunteer work has been spent on this but a mistake was made and should be addressed.

Ray Bewza