Buried treasure in Cache Creek Landfill

The writer is thrilled to hear Port Moody Councillor reveal that the garbage buried in the landfill could some day be mined as a resource.

Dear Editor

At some time or other everyone of us has wondered about the location of the famed treasure of “Cache Creek.” Well, we need wonder no more: Councillor Rick Glumac of Port Moody – in an apparent straight-faced attempt to undermine Metro Van’s proposal to stop sending garbage to us – is reported to have said (Journal, May 22) that burying garbage is so much better than using it to create usable energy because landfilled plastics, in particular, remain buried “and could be mined as a resource in the future.”

Amateur archeologists may never find the hidden gold of Goldrush days, but the many millions of tonnes of garbage buried in Cache Creek will yield us bountiful treasures far into the future. So thanks for the reminder Councillor Glumac and go ahead and groan with envy, Barkerville.

Ermes Culos

Area I