Cache Creek water comes from a spring

Author disputes the source of Cache Creek's water and invites the mayor to come and have a look.

Dear Editor

The Peter Principle is alive and well.

I would question the statement that Cache Creek water comes from an aquifer at 20 mile. Here are the reasons why.

When I came to the area 60 years ago come the end of this month, the artesian wells at the Perry Ranch were the talk of the town. Harry Case had used divining rods to locate the wells and they were flowing out into a ditch. Harry claimed that the source was the mountains behind Hat Creek this side of the Fraser River. I think he was right because both ranches have been watering their fields for over 60 years.

I had 312 woodlot 7 km west of Cache Creek for about 30 years and there is a spring at the highest part (about 3500 ft.) that never went dry, even in the driest years. I would think that the wells in Cache Creek are also tapped into this water. It should be easy to check. Take samples from the wells at the Perry Ranch, Village wells and from the spring on woodlot 312. Send them to an independent lab to see if they are from the same source.

I don’t have much respect for consultatnts. I think they are people who borrow your watch and then tell you what time it is. The only thing you learned was that they could read your watch but have no way of knowing if it is the correct time or not.

I would be willing to go up to woodlot 312 when it thaws out in the Spring to show the Cache Creek mayor where the spring is.

Chuck Winslow