Check your Voter Card for mistakes

Author reminds readers to double-check their cards in light of mistakes that have already occurred.

Dear Editor

Some people who live up at Ashcroft Manor received their voter’s cards last week directing them to drive down to Boston  Bar to be able to vote.

After a phone call was made querying this information, arrangements are now being made to send each compliance a transfer from so they can vote in Ashcroft.

However CBC announced today that errors like this have occurred  for thosands all over the province and in Saskatchewan as well. What a massive waste of our taxpayer’s dollars to rectify this situation.

I am writing this letter to remind everyone to check their voter’s cards and to call 1 866-545-0623 to get their transfer form to be able to vote here.

By the way, Advance Polls are at Cache Creek Community  Hall. On election day polls close at 7 p.m.

Marilyn Bueckert