CN crossing study a waste of money

Writer feels that spending $10,000 for the few people affected could be put to much better use.

Dear Editor

We moved to Ashcroft in 2007. Never having lived in a town with trains rattling thru day and night it took a while to get used to.

The noise of the trains and the whistle blowing do not bother us whatsoever any more. In fact we quite like it. If it wasn’t for the few houses left on the east side of C.N.’s track there would be no safety whistles at all.

This village has such a small tax base do we really need to spend (waste) $10,000 on a study?! The village has far more important obligations to fulfill with our money-e.g. – road infrastructure, sewers, water etc.

And do not forget folks the $10,000 is just the beginning – you as a tax payer could be on the hook for up to $150,000. Is this how you want your money spent?

People move to this village knowing we have trains and whistles – buy some ear plugs and get over it.

Andrew Cumblidge