Competition hurt Cadet fundraising

Competition hurt Cadet fundraising

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Navy League Branch in Ashcroft.

For those of you not familiar with our group, we are the support group to the RCSCC 347 Avenger or Sea Cadets.

This past weekend was the annual Rodeo in Ashcroft which is put on by many volunteers. These volunteers all work hard in whichever field they are set up for, and all are hoping to raise money for whatever organization they support.

We, the Navy League Branch, have an agreement with the Village of Ashcroft to operate the concession in the arena during the hockey season, and have done so for a few years now. We have also been approached over the past few years by the Rodeo committee to have a concession inside the arena during the dance to provide food for those attending.

The money we earn through our fundraising opportunities is used to financially support our Sea Cadets who range in age from 12-18 years. Unlike other youth activities like sports, Cadets are not required to pay a registration fee, nor are they responsible for uniforms. These are all supplied free of charge to the youth as long as they are in the Programme. The extra learning experiences they take advantage of during the year are funded by the Navy League Branch.For example, scuba diving in Kamloops, cross country skiing at 108 Mile, overnight leadership weekends, Frozen Guppy survival weekend at Gavin Lake, to name a few. These costs range in price, but all are covered mostly by the Navy League Branch, with some help from the Department of National Defense.

I was disappointed to find a young man operating a private vendor beside the Curling Club earning money for his own pocket, while a community volunteer organization is hosting the dance (Rodeo Committee) and ourselves (Navy League Branch) supplying food as is requested on the liquor permit acquired by the Rodeo Committee. The private vendor had asked to set up his business at the rodeo grounds, but was turned away. But he had permission from the Curling Club to set up where he was and has a business license in Ashcroft. Legally he was within his rights, but morally, I believe he should have cleared it with the Rodeo and made sure he wasn’t infringing on anyone else. Our profits were down considerably due to the competition.

We are a small group of dedicated parents who support our children’s choice to be positive influences in the community and are proud of the respect they have earned through their public appearances like Remembrance Day, Battle of the Atlantic ceremony, rodeo parade and Canada Day parade and celebrations. If you would like to help us support them, please contact us. Our Cadets are worth the effort.

Patty Newman


Navy League Branch